Next month, SAA graduate Amber Dee (2014) will move to New York City, where she has accepted a job with Core Home/Manna Hydration.

Core Home is a rapidly growing company located in the heart of Manhattan, near Times Square. The company creates fashion-forward household products, including water bottles from a subsidiary brand called Manna Hydration.

At Manna Hydration, she will take on a lot of design roles including web and print design, but will mostly focus on creating packaging designs for their Manna Hydration bottles. The bottles are sold throughout the country in stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Target.

Previously, Amber was a graphic designer at Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, Ohio, where she was responsible for creating posters, social media graphics, in-store signage, banners, event materials, billboards and more. Some of her designs included store gift cards and breath mint packaging. Before that, Amber worked as a digital designer at Midmark, where she managed website updates and created promotional emails.

To see some of Amber’s work and learn more about her process, visit her portfolio site.