degree program

The SAA Associate Degree Program is a two-year program that leads to an Associate Degree of Applied Business in Advertising Art. Each and every course is related to the study of design and advertising. The program consists of design courses that focus on creativity, typography, graphic design, photography, Web design, traditional illustration, digital illustration, 3D illustration, animation, video, art direction, and professional development. Students learn the latest versions of the Adobe Creative Suite applications, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Lightroom, and After Effects, as well as Maxon Cinema 4D and Microsoft Office.


Academic courses are required, and are listed below. Through these courses, students learn the principles of writing for advertising, as well as presentation skills. Students investigate advertising trends, and they discover how historically significant painting, sculpture, and artifacts can be used in today’s artistic environments. For more information, please contact SAA’s Director of Education at 877 300 9866.

  • English Composition
  • Art History
  • History of Advertising in America
  • Marketing
  • Professional Communications I, II & III
  • Business and Ethics of Graphic Design
  • Advanced Professional Development


During Year Two, students complete a four-week graphic design externship. Students are placed at local design firms, print shops, and marketing departments, where they have the opportunity to be involved in creative brainstorming, designing, and production.

bachelor degree options

You can transfer your SAA credits and earn a Bachelor Degree in approximately two years or less at over 25 colleges. Transferability of credits is determined individually by each college. Click here to see a list of colleges: bachelor degree options.

Contact Jessica Barry at 877 300 9866 x 114 for more information.