The mission of the School of Advertising Art is to educate, guide, and prepare students to become innovative hybrid designers and future leaders of the advertising industry.

Incorporated in 1983, SAA was founded by entrepreneur and graphic designer Tim Potter of Yellow Springs, Ohio. Classes began in 1984, and the first SAA students graduated by earning a Diploma of Advertising Art in 1986. In 1999, Tim Potter purchased the current site of SAA and constructed a new facility. SAA expanded enrollment and began awarding Associate Degrees of Applied Business in 2000.

In 2007, Jessica Barry was named president of SAA and began leading a new administration comprised of Vice Presidents Matthew Flick and Nathan Summers. Tim Potter retired from the daily operations in 2009. Jessica Barry formed Advertising Art Educational Services, Inc. in 2011 and purchased the college in 2013. Advertising Art Educational Services now does business as School of Advertising Art. Jessica Barry is the sole owner.

For over 30 years, SAA has been providing advertising agencies, design firms, publishers, and corporate art departments throughout the United States and abroad with highly skilled professionals for three decades— a generation of graphic designers. Employers consider each SAA graduating class as a premiere source of talent.

Opportunities for students have increased steadily through the years, with web design courses added to the school’s program in 1998, photography courses in 2010, and video courses in 2012. In recent years, SAA has gained national recognition as one of the top design schools in the country.