The mission of the School of Advertising Art is to educate, prepare, and guide students to become innovative hybrid designers.

The School of Advertising Art, Inc. was incorporated by Tim Potter in 1983, and enrolled its first class of 29 students in September of 1984. SAA first received accreditation from ACCSC in 1988. The Associate Degree program was authorized in 1998 and the first class of students who were awarded associate degrees graduated in May of 2000.

The school was located at 3700 Far Hills Avenue in Kettering, Ohio, until May of 1985 at which time it was moved to 2900 Acosta Street, also in Kettering, to accommodate increasing enrollment. In August 1999, the school moved to its current location at 1725 East David Road in Kettering, again to accommodate growing enrollment.

In 2007, Jessica Barry, Matt Flick, and Nathan Summers took on the administrative roles of president and vice presidents, and in 2008, founder Tim Potter retired. Co-owner Linda Potter provided oversight of the college until retiring in 2012.

Tim and Linda Potter sold the assets of School of Advertising Art, Inc. to Advertising Art Educational Services, Inc. in August of 2013. Advertising Art Educational Services, Inc. was formed for the purpose of purchasing the assets of SAA, Inc. and is solely owned by SAA’s president Jessica Barry. Through a smooth transition of ownership, SAA continues a legacy of excellence in graphic design education.

Opportunities for students have increased steadily through the years, with Web design courses added to the school’s program in 1998, photography courses in 2010, and video courses in 2012. In recent years, SAA has gained national recognition as one of the top design schools in the country.