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Kettering, a suburb located near Dayton, Ohio, is a safe environment for study, work, and play. About 70 percent of SAA students move to the Kettering area, while others commute from their hometown. SAA works with preferred area housing communities to assist you with the best options. We’re here to make your transition to college as simple as possible.

SAA prepares a Housing Guide each year that lists some of the preferred housing communities and also contains information on finding a roommate. To obtain a Housing Guide, contact our Housing Coordinator, Abbie Heaney, at or 877-300-9866 or download the Housing Guide.

The following are typical rent payments of SAA students during a recent school year.*

  • 1 bedroom/1 person paying rent: $630 per month
  • 2 bedrooms/2 people paying rent: $300-$375 per month per student
  • 3 bedrooms/3 people paying rent: $250-$300 per month per student

*Please note these numbers are intended for use as a reference only. These numbers are rent only and will vary by apartment/rental unit andAnneApartment4 amenities offered. The numbers above include apartment and house rentals. Keep in mind you will also have additional bills, such as gas/electric, phone, cable, water/sewer, or others. Some apartments may cover some or all of these expenses.

SAA also gives you the option of participating in the Roommate Questionnaire and Rideshare Questionnaire, which help you search for a roommate or someone to split gas money. Finding roommates or other students to rideshare with will potentially save you hundreds of dollars each month. You can download a questionnaire then mail it to SAA or scan and email it to or submit the form online below:

While SAA does not provide or guarantee housing, we are here to assist you during the selection process. If you have any housing/roommate/rideshare questions or need further assistance, please contact: Abbie Heaney at 877-300-9866 or

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