what is advertising art?

Advertising art refers to graphic design used in the field of advertising, and includes print design, illustration, photography, and web and video development. In advertising art, creativity and technology blend to communicate ideas – a poster to promote a nonprofit’s fundraising marathon, a video showcasing a college campus, a 3D rendering for a series of promotional postcards, photographs highlighting a firm’s architectural designs, or a mobile app design for a new restaurant. Advertising art is everywhere – in the magazines we read weekly, on the websites we search daily, and on the mobile apps that grab our attention hourly. To learn more, watch our short video below.

SAA – What is Advertising Art? from saa on Vimeo.

By scanning this list of positions held by SAA graduates, you will get an idea of the wide range of employment opportunities available in the field of advertising art. Many freelance opportunities are available, as well as positions at advertising agencies, design firms, publishers, and corporate art departments.

Graphic Designers create visual concepts, both digitally and traditionally. The graphic designer develops the idea, direction, and format of advertising. SAA graduates typically start their careers as graphic designers or junior graphic designers.

Web Designers plan, design, and create websites and mobile apps. They use standardized code, including CSS and X/HTML, to prepare content for the web. They work to create appealing sites that display well on a range of browsers and devices.

Production Artists digitally complete the design of any given advertising and prepare the files for printing.

Photographers use their artistic vision to communicate a message through photos. They may meet with clients, scout for locations, and set up lighting, backgrounds, props, and other equipment.

Art Directors, after several years of experience working as graphic designers in a design firm or advertising agency, handle responsibilities that include interacting with the client, copywriter, and account executive while establishing advertising choices and approaches. Art directors supervise graphic designers and the production of art.

Creative Directors, who usually have years of experience as graphic designers or art directors for a design firm or advertising agency, are responsible for the administration and direction of new and existing client work, supervision of art directors, and all creative work. Creative directors are key to the development of strategy and marketing approaches. They often are involved in presenting new campaigns and ideas to clients.

Owners operate their own design firms or advertising agencies. Their responsibilities are both artistic and administrative. They also oversee the development and growth of the company.

Freelance Designers work with a variety of clients or advertising agencies and design firms. They typically work in an in-home office to create all types of advertising and design projects. Freelance graphic designers are not only responsible for the creation of advertising and design campaigns, they also interact with the client, develop new client relationships, and keep records of hours worked and billing.