We want to help you through the admissions process

First Steps

Have your student:
1. Complete the free online application at saa.edu
2. Submit an official high school and/or college transcript.
3. Schedule a college visit and interview at saa.edu
4. Once accepted to SAA, submit the Enrollment Agreement and fee.

Scholarships and Tuition Reduction

Has your student started preparing for SAA scholarship competitions?
The deadline for entry to the following competitions will be announced. Information can be found under Financial Aid.

  • Art + Academic Achievement Awards: $10,000
  • Daniel E. Johnson Memorial Award: $10,000
  • Multicultural Awards: $5,000
  • Portfolio Awards for Enrolled Students: $5,000
  • Out-of-State Tuition Reduction $5,000
  • Congressional Art Award $2,500

Have you heard of the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition?
The top 300 students chosen to exhibit artwork at the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition are eligible for a $10,000 scholarship if accepted to SAA . Visit govart.org for details on deadlines and submission requirements.

Did you know that SAA offers up to $7,500 in need-based tuition reduction?
A need-based tuition reduction of up to $7,500 is offered to first-year students whose families who qualify.

Does your student attend a Career Technical Center?
Students who graduate from or have earned credits from a career center, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and are accepted to SAA are eligible for a $5,000 scholarship.

Is your student a member of SkillsUSA?
CTC students who place first in the Ohio SW Regional Advertising Design SkillsUSA Contest or in the Ohio/Indiana State SkillsUSA  Advertising Design and Web Design  Contests are eligible to receive a $2,500 scholarship. Up to seven students are eligible for this award. Contact your Career Technical Center for more details.

Is your student a member of Business Professionals of America?
Up to ten students awarded first place at the state level of the Ohio or Indiana BPA Website Design or Advertising Promotion competitions are eligible for a $2,500 award [$1,250 per year].

Financial Aid

Ready to complete the FAFSA and discuss how you will fund your student’s education at saa?
First, file both your student’s and your 2015 income tax returns. Then, call Tracy Gardner [877-300-9866] to schedule a financial aid appointment. She will assist you in filling out the FAFSA [Free Application for Federal Student Aid].

Housing and Roommates

Does your student need to move to Kettering?
Your student can download the Complete Apt Guide or email Abbie@saa.edu with questions. The packet includes a roommate questionnaire and a list of recommended apartments.


What does it cost to attend SAA?
To find the total yearly cost to attend SAA, include tuition and fees, room and board [SAA does not provide on-campus housing], transportation, and the laptop computer. Go to: http://www.saa.edu/financial-aid/tuition-fees/ for a complete breakdown of tuition and fees.

When is the enrollment deadline?
Your student may enroll anytime after being accepted to SAA. However, the early enrollment deadline is December 31. If your student enrolls prior to December 31, the enrollment fee is $50. After December 31, the enrollment fee is $100.

What do you mean by 100% job placement?
The placement rate is the percentage of graduates eligible for career services who began the program on August 31, 2012 (49 of 49) who gained employment in the advertising field by June 24, 2015. A strong portfolio prepares SAA graduates to enter the job market. The skills they are taught while at SAA qualify them for jobs in advertising, graphic design, marketing, and visual communication fields. Our Director of Career Services assists students in choosing where to seek employment depending on their interests and abilities.

What types of jobs are available and what is the average salary?
SAA graduates may work as graphic designers, web designers, productions artists, photographers, art directors, creative directors, freelance designers, and may own and operate their own design firms or advertising agencies. SAA graduates who completed the  program in 2014 and who reported their salaries earned up to $43,000. Check out this video featuring saa graduates in the workplace.

How does my student find a roommate?
Once your student fills out the roommate questionnaire and submits it to SAA, they receive a list of other SAA students who are looking for roommates. Students then contact each other based on questionnaire preferences and arrange to meet and search for apartments together.

What are the apartments in Kettering like?
SAA is fortunate to have safe and affordable apartments and duplexes within just a few miles of the campus. We recommend apartments based on our students’ feedback. Many of them offer discounts to SAA students. These are all listed in the Housing Guide. Nine-month leases are available from many of the apartment complexes we recommend. Check the SAA Housing Guide for more info.

Other Questions? Call 877-300-9866.