Your Portfolio Review

If you are interested in attending SAA, a review of your portfolio is an important part of the admissions process.


Bring 8–10 pieces of artwork that best demonstrate your talent, creativity, and skills. Whether you are a traditional student — or you attend a career center, we need to see everything you are capable of doing to consider you for acceptance.

If you attend a career center, we want to see your digital work. If you have traditional work as well, you can bring it, but the focus should be on your digital pieces.

Sample Student Portfolio

SAA accepts a wide range of portfolios. Your portfolio pieces can be traditional artwork, digital artwork, or a combination of both. Portfolios should include a range of subjects, styles, and mediums.

To schedule a portfolio review, fill out an application or Schedule a Visit. We can’t wait to meet you!

What To Bring

graphic design, digital illustration, photography, web design
We prefer to review digital work on a flash drive.

drawings, paintings, mixed media
We prefer to review originals of traditional work.

Sketch Books

Sketchbooks count as ONE piece in a portfolio. We love sketchbooks! Here’s why:

  • They show your conceptual abilities and your process.
  • You can fill them with anything and everything!

Talk About your work (and yourself!)

Think about what you’ll want us to know about your artwork so you’ll be ready to talk about it during your Portfolio Review.

  • Every piece of your work is unique.
  • Is the piece from a class assignment or something you’ve worked on during your free time?
  • What is the idea behind the piece?
  • How did you create the piece?
  • What are your goals and dreams?
  • What do you see yourself doing in your future career?