transfer students

Any student wishing to transfer to SAA from an accredited college must adhere to the regular admissions process, beginning with the application and interview. A student’s postsecondary schooling and experience will be evaluated and appropriate credit may be granted.

This is a subjective assessment based on a review of course/grade transcripts and the catalog and/or syllabus from the college course[s] taken. In certain instances and at the discretion of the Director of Education, a combination of courses may be considered as a transfer credit.

You will need to submit a college transcript and detailed syllabi/detailed catalog listings to the Director of Education for review and possible acceptance of credits. Design and academic courses with a grade of “B” or higher will be considered for transfer.

Additional Requirement for Transfer of Design Credits
Students must submit a portfolio to the President of SAA to receive possible credit for design courses. Due to the nature of the program, the student may still need to take all offered and required SAA design courses in order to successfully complete the program and graduate.