career services

Boasting an employment rate of 100%*, SAA takes career services very seriously.

Students receive information about the field of advertising art throughout their two-year education by instructors and guest speakers who work in the advertising field. Upon graduation, graduates receive a weekly report of current advertising employment leads. Also, graduates receive comprehensive, updated mailing lists of prospective employers.

Sara Farr, Director of Career Services, communicates with each graduate regularly in providing job leads, offering advice and evaluating interviews. This communication continues with each interested graduate until he/she secures full-time employment in the advertising field. SAA offers continuing placement assistance and a graduate may request placement assistance again at any time.

The graduate of SAA will be ready to enter the job market by having prepared a professional portfolio of his or her artwork. SAA will assist its graduates in choosing where to seek advertising employment depending on the interests and strengths of the individual student. SAA cannot guarantee employment for any student. The quality of the graduate’s professional education in accordance with the job-seeking skills they have been taught will qualify them for jobs in the advertising, graphic design, and marketing and communications fields. SAA also provides the skills necessary for a graduate to become a freelance advertising artist.

*100% of graduates eligible for career services who began the program on August 31, 2012 (49 out of 49) gained employment in the advertising field by June 24, 2015.

Sara Farr
Director of Career Services
877 300 9866 x 110

Placement rate:
The placement rate is the percentage of graduates eligible for career services who gained employment in the advertising field. 

  • Students who began the program in 2011: 100% (35 of 35)
  • Students who began the program in 2010: 93% (40 of 43)
  • Students who began the program in 2009: 89% (32 of 36)