student services

Student Medical Insurance

Students who do not have medical insurance coverage have options available to them. Visit to learn more.

Note: SAA does not offer coverage to students and is in no way responsible, does not endorse, and is not liable for anything whatsoever in regard to student insurance.

Student Senate

Student Senate representatives from both Year One and Year Two are elected by the student body to serve on this board. Student Senate meets regularly. Issues addressed include everything from satisfaction/dissatisfaction with courses, projects, supplies, events, etc. to working on ways to get the students more involved with each other and the community. This group also maintains a suggestion box in the cafe and helps to plan student events, such as the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Holiday parties.

Counseling Services

SAA is concerned with the whole student, not just the student’s artistic abilities. At SAA, we are aware that life issues can impact a student’s performance in school and a student may need assistance with coping skills, relationship issues, or other personal problems. SAA offers brief professional counseling [one to six sessions] conducted by a licensed professional counselor to any student who requests it, free of charge. Students can request counseling sessions by notifying the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Examples of issues students may wish to address include: stress management, depression, anxiety, family problems, roommate problems, dating/relationship problems, substance abuse problems, and all other general mental health issues. Please refer to the SAA Catalog for Professional Disclosure Statement.

For more information about Counseling Services at SAA, please contact Melissa Ferguson at 877 300 9866.

YMCA Activities Pass

All full-time SAA students enjoy an activities pass to the Dayton South YMCA. Located only four blocks from SAA, students are able to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities such as weightlifting, cardio, intramural athletics, and swimming.

Pass is valid September 1 through August 31 each academic year that the student is enrolled. Students must maintain passing grades to use their activities pass. The YMCA activities pass is valid  at the Dayton South branch only, located at 4545 Marshall Road, Kettering. For more information about the YMCA, visit

Student Parties and Area Events

SAA hosts the following parties throughout the academic year:

  • Bowling Party
  • Fall Picnic
  • Halloween Party
  • Thanksgiving Lunch
  • Winter Holiday Party

Information about local art and entertainment events is posted regularly in the SAA Library. Students can enjoy concerts at the Fraze Pavilion, art galleries in downtown Dayton, exhibits at the Dayton Art Institute, and minor league baseball at the Dayton Dragons stadium. Five Rivers Metro Parks offers bikeways, hiking trails, and boating. Several local festivals are popular, including the annual Greek Festival, the Dayton Art Institute Oktoberfest, and the Italian Fall Festival.

Short trips south lead to King’s Island, Reds and Bengals games, the Cincinnati Art Museum, and Newport Aquarium. Get in on the action! Request more information about SAA at 877 300 9866.

Local Clubs and Organizations

SAA encourages all students to become more involved in the marketing & communications industry by joining or interacting with different professional organizations. Many opportunities will be presented to you as a student at SAA.

Here are a few organizations we recommend:

Area Attractions

SAA is located near a variety of shopping malls, restaurants, parks and more. Some of the popular attractions include Paramount’s Kings Island, the urban-style skate park in Kettering, and the Greene Town Center shopping area.

Learn more about the area by visiting one of the following websites.