how to hire SAA talent

SAA Career Services helps make the search process easy for employers. We want to learn about your company to find the right candidates for your review. We will even hand deliver resumes to your door.

For more information on how to hire an SAA grad, contact:

Sara Farr
Director of Career Services
877 300 9866 x 110

Thank you for your interest in working with SAA students and graduates. They are eager for the opportunity to gain professional experience and to work with a company like yours.

Do you have a project that you thought might make a good assignment in one of our classes? Regretfully, our curriculum has already been set for our program. Our faculty and staff work hard to stay on top of the current demands of the design industry, resulting in a curriculum that is full to the brim with relevant design projects and learning opportunities. That being said, there may still be a way for you to work with one or more of our students outside of the restrictions of our classes and curriculum.

There are four unique methods available for our students to engage in outside work prior to graduation. We’ve listed a description of each method below to help you determine which best fits your needs.

Externship Program

SAA’s Externship Program provides its students with a professional context for their graphic design education, an understanding of modern workplace expectations, valuable job readiness skills, and important professional experience.

The Externship Program is limited to four weeks (20 actual working days). The student works full-time on your premises during your normal working hours. Learn more about the program.

If you are interested in participating in SAA’s Externship Program, contact Sara Farr, Director of Career Services. Sara can be reached by email at or 937-294-0592, ext. 110.


Internships are at the student’s discretion and must work around their SAA course schedule. The student’s SAA schedule varies Monday through Friday, so the hours available for internship work are limited.

Internships do not qualify for course credit so we urge internship employers to compensate students with an hourly wage.

If you are interested in hiring a student for an Internship, please contact Brian Petro, Career Services Specialist. Brian can be reached by email at, or by calling the college at 937-294-0592, ext. 108. He will gather details about the position and then share this information with students. Students are matched up by location, availability, and skill set. Employers have the option of interviewing candidates for the internship.

Student Freelance

Student freelance projects are defined as contract work that may consist of a single project or a series of multiple, ongoing projects.

As a part of the freelance experience, the student will gather details about the project and provide a written contract that outlines the scope of work, schedule, and budget. This contract will be provided to you, and the parameters agreed upon, prior to the initiation of the project. Once both parties are in agreement on the contents of the contract, all parties sign and date the contract and the work can begin.

Not every project is a good fit for our students based on the project size, scope, technical requirements, and/or budget. Students are still learning, focused on completing college projects, and are still inexperienced with freelance, so they may not be suitable for work that requires a great deal of time and expertise.

Should we determine that your project is not suitable for our students, a recent graduate who does freelance work may be a potential resource.

If the scope of the project requires considerable experience, we urge you to consider working with one of the many excellent design firms or ad agencies in our region. Many of these firms employ experienced SAA alumni. Engaging with these firms will enable you to support the college and its graduates as well as provide you with outstanding creative talent. We would be happy to provide you with a list of ad agencies and design firms that would be appropriate for your needs.

To initiate a Student Freelance project discussion, fill out the form below. This form will provide us with a general outline of your needs and will enable us to verify that it is an appropriate student project.

Please note: As a part of instructing our students about fair business practices and the value of their education, abilities, and talents, we are requesting that they be compensated for their freelance work. If monetary compensation is not within your budget, it may be a non-cash equivalent such as a gift card, product (such as an iPad, etc.), event tickets, or some other item of value.

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