On February 25th, the American Advertising Federation Dayton (AAF-Dayton) recognized excellence in local advertising, marketing, and graphic design through their annual Hermes Awards competition. Area businesses, advertising agencies, marketing firms, and colleges submit work to be judged by industry professionals from around the country. Selected pieces are awarded Silver or Bronze ADDYs, and the highest scoring piece in each category receives the prestigious Hermes Head, representing a Gold ADDY.

The Hermes Awards were held at the Schuster Center, and it was a great celebration of the excellent work our students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends in the industry have produced over the last year.

  • SAA was recognized in nearly every category with a total of 38 awards.
  • Lauren Landes won the Dan Johnson Award for Creative Excellence.
  • The BE You campaign, the Portfolio Show Invite, and the Hoodzpah Conversations Video all won Hermes Heads.
  • Several staff members were recognized for professional work in many categories.

The following list includes the 38 SAA student and professional award-winning entries. You can also click on this link to see a list of all of the winners. http://aafdayton.org/announcements.php?id=6

31 Student Awards!

Student Gold/Hermes Head:

Lauren Landes – Lillette Branding

Student Silver:

  • Megan Grote – Illustration
  • Adam Handermann – Cotton Craft Branding
  • Jamie Hanna – Dr. Seuss Book Series
  • James Klausing – Fireside Munchies Branding
  • James Klausing – Tipsy Branding
  • Leah Krueger – Coleman Ad Series
  • Lauren Landes – Maruchan Ad Series
  • Caitlyn McCurdy – Morning Chirpers Branding
  • Sarah Otte – Hershey’s Ad Series
  • Minda Wott – Kindred Coffee Branding

Student Bronze: 

  • Amanda Baker – Happy Camper Beer Label
  • Ashley Casebolt – High Horse Beer Label
  • Mickey Graham – Dayton Beer Company Branding
  • Adam Handermann – Vans Seasonal Retail
  • Jamie Hanna – Gain Ad
  • Ryan Harris – Roswell UFO Festival
  • Kristin Hayden – Greenpeace PSA Poster
  • Taylor Hughes – .38 IPA Beer Label
  • Jenn Jacobs – Vespa Brochure
  • James Klausing – Burt’s Bees Packaging
  • Lauren Landes – Alpenglow IPA Beer Branding
  • Gracyn Leep – Tombstone Ad Series
  • Caitlyn McCurdy – Ben & Jerry’s Ad
  • Sarah Otte – Evil Twin Beer Labels
  • Jevin Ramsey – Stray Fox Beer Label
  • Danielle Scott – Netflix Kits
  • Ana Surface – Founders Brewery Beer Packaging
  • Ryan Thorsen – Stigma Branding
  • Ryan Thorsen – Durham Bulls Branding
  • Ryan Thorsen – Event Poster

Professional Awards:

Gold – SAA Be You Campaign
Gold – SAA Conversations: Hoodzpah
Gold – 2016 Portfolio Show Invite Set
Silver – Boom Crate Studios for
School of Advertising Art – SAA: Gabbi Video
Silver – SAA: The Journey Video
Silver – BE Catalog and Student Handbook
Bronze – BE You Classroom Poster