Choosing Your Future

Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions you will make. At SAA we want to help you live your dream of becoming a designer; to help you pursue your lifelong dream of making art and creativity your path. We help you focus on what you love and show you how to turn that into a successful career.

Meet Emily

Emily Webb is a 2011 graduate of SAA. She’s a graphic designer at Fusian, a trendy, casual sushi restaurant with locations in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton. Watch her video below.

SAA Live Your Dream: Emily from saa on Vimeo.

Meet Zach

SAA 2014 graduate Zach Halfhill landed his first job as a graphic designer at Journey’s, a leading footwear and accessories retail outlet based in Nashville, Tennessee. Watch Zach’s journey below.

SAA Live Your Dream – Zach from saa on Vimeo.